Gro Digital has developed exclusive relationships with various media sites and publishing outlets that have agreed to feature our clients in the cannabis industry. 

As you know, the cannabis industry has many restrictions when it comes to posting about your business and products online. With our experience, we have figured out how to present your content so that large media outlets are willing to promote your business through our distribution channels.

This gives you a HUGE advantage over your competition in the cannabis industry. 

In a world that is quickly becoming saturated with marijuana businesses, it’s critical to differentiate your brand

Our Hyper Local Ads provide amplified content that gives you the platform to do so.

When your competitors are met with digital roadblocks or small and uninterested audiences — you will have a huge distribution platform at your disposal to amplify your content and business.

Our content campaign will give you the trust and authority you need to market to new customers and those unfamiliar with the world of marijuana. Consumers appreciate and respect sophisticated and professional brands. Your business showcased on trusted websites gives your business trust by affiliation. We’re able to post exclusively to these high traffic network sites including recently brokered deals with USAToday, Yahoo Finance, Street Insider, NBC, ABC, and Fox Affiliates networks.

We’ll help get your cannabis business or promotion featured across the Internet on the following:
  • News sites like Google News, USAToday, Fox affiliates and others
  • High traffic blogs
  • Video sites (Vimeo & YouTube)
  • Podcast sites (Google Podcasts, BuzzSprout, & PodBean)
  • SlideShare
  • Social media sites
  • We will write and create all the content for your business to post on 300+ digital assets across the internet giving your business as much exposure as possible.
  • We have strong experience in outreach and distribution. This strategy will help create a lot of powerful backlinks to your website and get your message in front of the largest targeted audience possible -- which will drastically improve your website’s SEO.
  • We will conduct keyword research for relevant terms to your specific niche in the cannabis industry that will bring targeted traffic to your site and continually improve your Google ranking.
  • This all-out content campaign can give even the smallest business an edge and weed out the competition.
  • Gro Digital’s omnipresent approach creates strong brand awareness that will establish your business at the forefront of this emerging industry.

Boost Your Online Visibility Today

Not sure which digital marketing solution is right for your cannabis business? Schedule a free consultation with our agency by emailing hello@grodigital.co or texting (405) 414-0222.

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