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At Gro Digital our mission is to help small businesses flourish no matter the size of their budget.

Unsure about taking the leap into digital and growth marketing to start building your brand? 

We can provide all the resources and proposals you need to convince you that you need a strong online brand, but ultimately that is your decision.

We want to provide other options for your business. Our commitment to effectively serving all businesses no matter the budget brought us to the creation of a new partnership.

We’ve teamed up with RelyCircle

A new referral marketing platform that utilizes the power of word of mouth by rewarding your existing customers when they refer new paying customers to your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your business lists offers/coupons and agrees on a referral fee for every utilized offer
  2. With the referral fee incentive; previous customers are eager to share your offer with their network
  3. RelyCircle tracks customer recommendations to new sales generated via the offers posted on the platform
  4. The referral customer then gets rewarded
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  • There are absolutely zero upfront costs. No advertising or cost per click. You pay your agreed referral fee only AFTER you gain a new sale.
  • RelyCircle will even advertise your channel and offers for you at no cost!
  • You don’t need to worry about bad ratings or reviews. You don’t need to worry about expensive social media ads that charge you for every click and impression.
  • RelyCircle encourages your existing satisfied customers to promote your offers for you.
  • Plus, you get access to free email and text messaging services to contact your existing customer base about these new offers.

Important details to get started

With such limited resources in such a vast market, advertising opportunities are difficult to find in the marijuana industry and can be very expensive. The RelyCircle platform helps put your brand in front of the faces that matter the most.

Effective marijuana referral marketing keeps existing customers engaged with your brand and acts as an effective way to capture and convert new leads. Our strategic approach to marijuana referral marketing ensures that every customer continues to work for you in a mutually beneficial way. 

Zero upfronts costs and evergreen lead generation makes this the most sustainable and viable option for every budget and every size of the cannabis business. 

  • General information can be found here:
  • Create your profile by emailing and activate your offers. If you set up your business yourself then you will still need to still email RelyCircle for your offers to go live.

Boost Your Online Visibility Today

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