Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
for Cannabis Businesses

Optimize your website and place your business on the first page of search results with effective SEO.

Grow Your Cannabis Business with SEO

Gro Digital, a digital marketing agency in Oklahoma, offers custom SEO solutions for cannabis businesses. We use our knowledge of this highly regulated industry along with our expertise in online marketing to get your cannabis brand in front of your customers.

With SEO, your cannabis business enjoys the following benefits:

  • High-Quality Traffic –Effective SEO brings in targeted traffic. The users who are visiting your website are people looking to purchase your products.
  • Increased Competitiveness – When your business rises in the search rankings (and eventually takes the number one spot), you draw traffic and potential sales from your competition.
  • Long-Lasting Results – When a business advertises on traditional channels, such as a newspaper or radio, the results are short-lived. Once your business starts ranking on search engines, your site will continue to rank even after the SEO campaign has finished.

Our SEO Process

Our search engine optimization solutions consist of the following strategies that drive results and meet your expectations:

Keyword Research

Our digital marketing experts perform keyword research using advanced tools. We analyze data from your competitors to improve the ranking of your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We also seek out cannabis-related search terms that people use frequently

On-Page SEO

Our team carries out a series of on-page optimization tasks. Some of these tasks are optimizing the meta tags (meta title and meta descriptions), getting rid of all duplicate content on your website, correcting site structure, and configuring the sitemap.

Technical SEO

We tweak and enhance the technical aspects of your website. A few of the technical SEO tasks we do are fixing the site load speed, identifying and correcting crawl errors, and fixing dead links that contribute to lost traffic for your site.

Link Building

We carry out link building tasks to promote your cannabis business organically on the web. A few link building strategies we do are guest posting, pitching engaging content to relevant websites in the cannabis industry, and performing link outreach.

Local SEO

This involves optimizing your website to make it appear on SERPs for local intent-based searches. Some of the tasks cover performing local competitor analysis, creating and monitoring local citations, and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) account. 

E-Commerce SEO

Our agency takes a data-driven approach when working with e-commerce cannabis businesses. Our SEO makes sure to define your target market, identify your business goals, conduct competitive analysis, and build your e-commerce SEO campaign based on the collected data.

Why Choose Gro Digital for Your SEO Needs

Here are excellent reasons to pick us as your digital marketing partner:

  • Extensive Knowledge of the Cannabis Industry – We’re up-to-date with the policies on promoting cannabis businesses in the digital world. We carry out SEO that results in higher search traffic while meeting strict regulations.
  • Transparent Reporting – We send you regular, detailed progress reports to show you how your SEO campaign is performing, helping you make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns.
  • Implementing Proven Strategies – We stick to SEO practices that are ethical and effective in boosting online visibility.

Improve Your Ranking with Effective SEO

Let our SEO specialists elevate the search rankings of your cannabis business. Arrange a free consultation today by emailing or texting (405) 414-0222.

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