Use Social Media to Attract and Engage Customers

Let our social media specialists promote your cannabis business on the right social media channels in the right way.

Improve the Social Media Presence of Your Business

Gro Digital offers social media marketing and management services to local businesses in Oklahoma’s marijuana industry. Our skilled social media team promotes your cannabis business on the right social media channels. We also take care of your business pages on social media by promptly responding to customer messages and keeping your profiles up to date.

When we market your business on social media, we’re aware of the restrictions for promoting cannabis brands and products using these platforms. Given this, we adopt an educational and lifestyle approach to work within these restrictions and craft content that attracts cannabis enthusiasts, engages existing customers, and enhances your reach.   

How Your Business Benefits from Social Media

Social media marketing gives your business the opportunity to:

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Social media is a clever way to syndicate content and build brand awareness. An effective social media marketing strategy will boost your brand recognition, as you’ll be engaging with a broad spectrum of prospective consumers.

Boost Traffic to Your Website

With social media marketing, you can add more gateways to your website. Your social media profile, for instance, enables customers to visit and check out your cannabis website. The social media posts you publish may also encourage prospective customers to visit your shop or dispensary and learn more about your business. These efforts help increase the traffic on your website.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Social media creates a voice for your company. It gives you the chance to acknowledge their concerns and address their needs.

Obtain Valuable Insights

With social media, your business can gain marketplace insights that will help improve your cannabis business. Some social media platforms have built-in tools that enable you to analyze the demographics of your consumers and use the data to improve your business.

Why Work with Gro Digital

What sets us apart from other digital marketing firms is we primarily focus on helping cannabis businesses grow their online presence.

We know the ins and outs of the industry — and use that knowledge to our advantage. When we promote a cannabis business on social media, we follow the regulations of the industry while still creating content that engages users and broadens your reach.

Transparency is also important to us. We make sure to send you progress reports every month detailing the status of your social media campaigns.

Attract, Engage, and Satisfy Fans on Social Media

With our strategic approach on social media marketing, expect us to boost your brand recognition, increase your followers, and keep them coming back for more of your engaging content. Arrange a free business consultation and obtain a free social media marketing proposal from our team by emailing or shooting us a text at (405) 414-0222.

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